Writerly Musings :: Mid June Update

isogahlaunch 044This weekend, my friend Sammy had her book launch, at a cat cafe.

Need I say more?

It was brilliant.


isogahlaunch 056The book is “In Search of Gods and Heroes” by Sammy HK Smith,which is available at good bookstores; both online and offline.

I’d never attended a book launch before, but if more were like this, I’d definitely be attending them more often. It was a fairly small event — we had a meal and drinks, then went to the cafe for cakes and tea — and spent nearly 3 hours with 11 cats.

ISOGAH LaunchgroupShe did a reading, we bought her book (which she kindly signed) and generally played with and stroked the cats.

It was great to spend time with other writers — both known faces and new people, and to discuss the process of how this book was born.


KglasseslightThis morning, with aching feet and tired eyes, I picked up my glasses.

If you missed why this was a big deal, read this

I’m currently typing this with them on; trying to ignore the odd purple edges to my vision, and the glare of the blue-light protection on the lens — Patiently awaiting the super powers I’ve been told they will grant me.

How was your weekend?

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