May Update: Goals

DSC_1377Blimey, when did June arrive?

At the beginning of the year I set myself four goals: track my daily wordcount, write a minimum of once a week, “sort out” Resilience, and submit my manuscript to someone by July 1st.

May has faded like blossoms, and thus it’s time to see how the month went.

i. The Daily Word Count

I wrote EVERY day again this month – Huzzah!

*awaits round of applause and whooping*

I’ve written 21,515 words, beating last month’s wordcount by around 2.5k.

Planes Shifter:      From 41,119   To  60,426

Short Story:            From 432              To  432

Sekrit Project I:        From 0                   To 102

Note: Planes Shifter is a re-write ~ once I had it re-plotted, I pasted over the scenes which i’m keeping from the old version – and that is why the wordcount doesn’t exactly add up.

ii. Write Once a Week

I’ve now written over 429 words a day from the 2nd April to the 31st May. Some days I wrote more, but once I had forged a chain, I didn’t let it drop. Thus, this month, I made a “chain” of 60 days.

iii. Work on Resilience

Resilience likely won’t be altered again until September time, but that’s okay. I’m writing and that’s what matters.

iv. Work Towards Submission in July

July is looking impossible for Planes Shifter. However, I do have a mini project that might be done by the end of July.

v. Read 24 Books

Not strictly a writing goal, but with my annual attempt to rekindle my label of “avid-reader” I’m trying to set an achievable goal of one book a fortnight.

I only read one book this month, which puts me behind. However, I’m close to finishing another and then I can whiz through Shadowbound (I always read them in a day).

This Month’s Score:    1/2 

This Year’s Score:       8/10


In Other News

* I went to the fun fair with a friend from college. She won me a toy snake. I call it Nagini.

* Day-Job / Other Half changes are still afoot; with some scary deadlines looming (only two weeks to decide my future!!!! Panic!) This is making day-job more stressful than normal, and I have been known to have mild weeping sessions at my desk. This should be all over pretty soon.

* Sekrit Project attempt one million (seven-nine) began. Backup plan 1 emerged. Backup plan 2 emerged but I don’t see it being viable. Fingers crossed! Hoping now that backup plan 1 is a winner.

* I spent a weekend looking after OH when he had food poisoning.

* I had a picnic with a friend from University.

* I tried microwave cake baking with my mother. Let’s say I’m slowly eating it because you can smell the flour from a meter away (yet with ice cream, they taste pretty okay.)

* I celebrated Beltain with some spiritual friends; which was great because it meant spending two hours out in the fresh air and sun.

* I was offered a sessional paid mental health position with a project I’ve been a volunteer for over the last 4 years.  It’s a few days over the next 6 months, and I’m really looking forward to it.

How has your month been?

2 responses to “May Update: Goals

  1. Congrats on the chaining and the word count! I had a book out, appeared on the radio, went to a steampunk fair, had an unexpected carpet picnic, and read a couple of really good books 🙂

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