Easter Book Discussions

DSCN0233Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Despite being in my twenties, I try to return to my mum’s house for the Easter weekend, where the Easter Bunny still visits (although that’s not the only reason I visit). This morning, I’m eating my traditional mini eggs breakfast and discovering whose in the Milkybarn…

And as we do now I’m living two counties away, Mum and I sat in bed this morning discussing books — I lent her Brandon Sanderson’s first Mistborn book last time I was home, and she’s now lending me Shardik and Maia by Richard Adams. I talked about my new book idea — currently being referred to as TFG — and talked about how I was avoiding X cliche and wanted to explain why Z happens in it. She offered ideas from books like LOTR, Eragon, Harry Potter and Watership Down and we generally discussed what makes these books work.

Last night I began the serious plotting of TFG, my newest idea. I’ve got a vague plot, a character and the world is coming together. It’s taking all my willpower to not begin writing it already, which is usually a good sign. But (I like to think) I’ve learned that I need to know the ending, and at least some key midpoint and how the internal character change will be affected by/affect the external world change.

So that’s what I’ll be plotting out today. Have a wonderful weekend.

Are there any traditions in your family that you try to keep going?


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