NewYear14 003At the end of December I printed off Planes Shifter. It’s 411 A5 pages double-spaced. And having hole-punched the lot, I put it in my writing binder and pushed it out of sight.

I gave myself a minimum of three weeks away from it; deciding to split my time between reading books and plotting out Resilience.

But I’ve found myself restless.

I finished reading a book out of sheer willpower because a friend had given it 3 stars and I thought it deserved more. So I pushed myself to finish it so that I could ask why she’d rated it that low.

I’ve plotted out the first half of Resilience, and thrown myself back into writing it. But I’m noticing that everything comes in fits and starts.

I’ve begun playing a new computer game; but every 30 minutes, I get distracted or just… fall out of the immersion. Same with books, with my own writing. I’ve been flitting; and I don’t know how much of it is because I want to get stuck into editing Planes Shifter.

I’m also aware of the pressure I put on myself because I’m turning a hobby into a career. Suddenly my deadlines are real; I need to finish things and I’m tracking progress (and sharing it with you here). With things getting stressful and uncertain at my day-job, suddenly so much rides on my writing; and that means I can’t write my best.

NBut I think every writer needs to write to that kind of deadline. It’s just a tricky transition to learn about living with.

How do you handle restlessness? 

What tactics do you have to handle pressure?

2 responses to “Restlessness

  1. I know how that feels, the whole hobby-turning-into-job-thing. It’s important to remember why you love it though, why you dream of this being your job…that’s the trick to get through the restless phase. So if you’ve lost your mojo for a bit, just do something different entirely. let your mind settle down and muse replenish. Read some motivational quotes, an informative book or watch some tv-series. Just to step away from it for a day, or two. It’ll come back to you as quick as that. ^^

    good luck!

    • It feels less conscious than that – I’m aware of my love for the work, I’m still excited about the stories, I’m working on one that I currently haven’t decided if I’ll aim for publication on it to take the pressure off – and I’ve had three days off from all writing at this point.
      Fingers crossed a bit of reading will help me settle.

      Thanks for commenting and for the luck!

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