Tracking my Wordcount

Welcome to 2014. 

One of my goals for this year is  to track how much I write. I’m vaguely aiming to continue meeting my WriteChain goal of 429 words a day (3,000 a week), but mostly, I want to know how much novel-writing actually leads to me writing.

Having made a spreadsheet with a box per day, on the 5th January I switched from one writing project to another. As I really want to be able to say I wrote ___ words of fiction / novels, I wanted to a) keep track of all projects and b) know where I’ve made the most progress. If I’m going to count each word I write, it doesn’t hurt to know in which projects I wrote which words, as well as which days.

So I’ve added a column for the projects I’ve currently added words to.

It now looks a bit like this:


But I have plans for the end of January. Like pie charts, and a separate table for January for each project.  This is the year I really get to grips with what I can do, and get to know what systems work for me.

How do you measure your goals?

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