WFC Panel: The End Is Now

wfc 001Friday continued at the convention with “The End is Now” at 2pm .

Panellists were: Kathleen Ann Goonan, Peter F. Hamilton, William F. Nolan, Samantha Shannon, S. M. Stirling, Tricia Sullivan.

My Notes

– If anything changes socially, then it can be apocalyptic for the individual. Which makes them interesting, for one thing.

– A discussion begun around happy endings versus satisfactory endings, and even just “one that made sense”. Someone said you owe the reader a happy ending after they’ve sat through 4-hours of your world. I’ve already shared my thoughts on this in this post, which essentially hasn’t changed except that I now know that others disagree even as far as “I don’t want a happy ending even if sometimes it makes sense.”

– “Adventure is someone in deep shit far away.” I wish I’d noted who said this, because it’s amazing.

– Science fiction is slightly different as it it’s actually not that “far away”, because our modern day science can be slightly sci-fi-esque.  And perhaps that’s partly why it’s so popular – helps us understand the possibilities.

– We can’t individually cope with our own world as it is.  

This was a massive one for me. I use a laptop/phone/car and I can’t look after those myself. Not completely. Individually, we’re stuffed in terms of how much control we have our own environment and the technology around us.

 – If you predict science/technology, you wouldn’t write books about it (you’d patent, invest or buy shares in it!!!)


This was a panel I very nearly didn’t attend. I have one post-apocalyptic novel in progress, and two dystopian. The rest are YA Fantasy. I don’t read or write science fiction. So this was an interesting panel to attend, and it really got me thinking about life and how we as humans experience our world.

What are your thoughts on apocalyptic novels?

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