Career Choice: Writer

wfc3 046Having taken three days off from my day-job to attend the convention, I went back to work feeling a bit out of place.

For four days I was a “professional writer”, whose only duty was to read, write, sign things, chat and spent time in the Hilton bar. I’d managed to almost forget my day-job while at the convention, but I’ve not been able to go back and forget about writing.

Which I guess is how it should be, really. 

Having met so many agents, publishers, published authors and aspiring authors, I had a mixture of feelings across the weekend, and even more confusion in my mind in the week following.

I flickered between “I could do this all the time” and “There’s so far still to go and so many unknowns”, all the way to “I’ll never be as good/witty/succinct/readable as ____.”

I came back from WFC and returned to the day job with some pretty solid lessons learned about myself (which will be posted once I’ve completed NaNoWriMo). But the essential thing that the convention did was let me know that I can do this.

I can write, I can talk about my writing, and I can be a professional writer when given the chance.

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