WFC13 – A Round-Up

DSCN9396Because I’m away this weekend, and I’m still writing up all of my experiences from WFC, but I want to share more about the convention, I figured a little round-up might be useful.

I spent a lot of time trying to research what to expect and how to handle all the new experiences. Thus, if you’re wondering what happens at a convention, here’s a round-up of the other people’s thoughts on the World Fantasy Convention!

– Joanne’s Scattered Thoughts

– Sammy’s Quick Round-Up

– Snorri’s Very Quick Update (gotta be my favourite) and then his Vlog’s for Day One, Day Two and Day’s Three and Four

– Cindy’s Diaries – Day One, Day Two and Day Three

– Adam’s Comments – Part I, Part II and the Afterword

– Sorcha’s Updates – Day One and Day Two

– Kenya’s Day in Brighton

– Tor UK’s Post

If you missed my thoughts on WFC so far, I did a brief overview and posted my diary entries, and will be posting about the panel content over the next few weeks.  

I might also be making plans to see if I can attend FantasyCon or BristolCon in 2014!

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