The Fault In Our Stars – Review

It’s rare for me to read a book without knowing roughly what it’s about. But that’s what happened with this one – I knew the cover from bookshops, and remembered it was meant to be a good book. I grabbed it without a clue what it would contain, and three evenings later, there I was, grinning at the final page.

I laughed so many times. And I cried about as much.

‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is a story that drew me in quickly – Hazel has the kind of thoughts on her cancer that felt realistic and made me root for her as a character. And Augustus… well. It’s been a pleasure to meet him.

John Green has created realistic characters and put them in situations that brought out serious comments, philosophical debates and wonderful humour. We see the human beings – not “brave fighters” but children experiencing moments of clarity, of courage and of crying.

When I thought I knew what might happen in the sub-plots, I was pleasantly surprised to find something different to my expectations – yet twists which fitted well and felt natural.

I’d definitely recommend it. And now I want to visit Amsterdam to see the confetti fall.

Five stars.

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