Immersing Yourself in the World of Writing

WritingPS2I’ve had a lot of comments from family and friends about how I “never seem to rest”.

I get home from work and within an hour I’m proof-reading, editing, blogging or planning.  When people ask how things are, I talk about my writing. When I’m asked about holidays, my first thought is about the World Fantasy Convention. and the Novel in a Day workshop.

Essentially, I have immersed myself into the skin of a writer.

I have moved around my environment so that my vision catches the eyes of book titles rather than paintings or furniture. When I am not plotting my novels, writing the drafts, editing phrases or reading other people’s works in progress, I am thinking about how my characters may interact with the world, or am paying attention to people around me – inspiration for new characters and situations.

I no longer think about time or energy, I just get home and let myself be transported by words to another place.


As stressful and tiring as it can be, writing is my rest. It is my friend and my escape. It allows me to work through problems, or to break free of them for a little while.

Tonight, I’ve switched between beta reading a friend’s novel-in-progress and completing two new scenes in Planes Shifter.
My two forms of rest.

4 responses to “Immersing Yourself in the World of Writing

    • You don’t need to be taught. You can do this – you have a really good insight into your characters and you talk about the world they inhabit clearly. I’ve heard you talk about “if my characters saw this today” and such. You do it, just maybe not as much as I do.

      • Then you need to teach me to do this MORE!
        I swear, I get distracted from my writing and my books so easily. (Granted, it’s often by other book ideas, but STILL.)

      • 🙂 I can try. A lot of it is about how much you prioritise things in your life. What’s motivating you to write THIS book? And what is it about the other ideas that makes them more important right now?

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