Time to Write

litha13 006All the books on writing suggest waking an hour early to write.

Although I’m a “morning person”, meaning that once I’m awake, I tend to stay awake and get my best work done in the early part of the day, even I didn’t like the idea of waking earlier than I have to.

Most days I wake at 7am, including weekends. And that’s early enough, in my opinion.

But I’ve found little gaps here and there.


I now make my lunch the night before, and do a quick tidy up before I go to bed.

And that gives me fifteen minutes each weekday morning to write in. If I don’t have to pack anything different in my bag and I’m just doing a full day at my normal base, I usually get about 25 minutes.

It’s currently 7:52am, and I’m pretty much ready for work. I need to leave at about 8:20, so I’ve got 15 minutes to write and then 5 minutes to find my shoes and keys. I haven’t woken early, just made a bit of a gap in my current routine.


“But I can’t do that, I have ….”

Do you ever watch television? Do you stand by the kettle as it boils? Check social media and emails twice more, just in case?

Most people can find 15 minutes in their day. I may only write two sentences, but that’s two sentences closer to the end. Microsoft Word tells me my novel is currently just over 9,000 lines long. If you can write 10 lines a day, you’ll have a novel in less than 3 years.

Writing time doesn’t “arise”. It’s made.

2 responses to “Time to Write

  1. I definitely agree, even tho I’m absolutely not a morning person I tend to spend at least 15 min with checking mails and social media. I should use this time to write instead. Sometimes I do, most times I don’t. But I’ll try to apply it more often.
    Thanks for the reminder 😉

  2. I often have a hard time finding time to write, but if I gave up watching tv and playing games I’d have LOADS of it. However, on the nights I work, I sleep for long hours because of my sleep apnea. HOWEVER! I now write on my two 15 minute breaks and hour lunch.

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