Weekend Writing Warriors :: #2

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors post.

The idea is to sign up on their site and share 8 sentences of your writing, published or unpublished, to go live between midday Saturday and 9am Sunday. Then anyone can comment (critiques welcome!) on the section posted.

~ ~ ~

My 8 sentences today come from the first draft of Seven Sisters, Chapter Two.  

Kayla smiled, avoiding his gaze this time.

Damn, he had her cornered and she could read that gleam from a mile. Taking a sip of her drink, she went through her mental file on his recent charges. She thought she could guess what he wanted her for.

“What about you?”

He hesitated, which was interesting in itself. Rogan was always prepared, so she took the pause as an affirmation of her suspicions. He wanted her case. 


Did you miss last week’s entry? Check out the excerpts page to see other examples of my work.

You can visit other participants on the list by clicking the image below, and spread the word using twitter hashtag #8sunday.

12 responses to “Weekend Writing Warriors :: #2

  1. Nicely done with lots of questions and the reader’s curiosoity raised. Not sure which of them is in for a surprise – but one of them certainly is. Great #8

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