Weekend Writing Warriors :: 8 lines

Welcome to my first week with the Weekend Writing Warriors.

The idea is to sign up on their site and share 8 sentences of your writing, published or unpublished, to go live between midday Saturday and 9am Sunday. Then anyone can comment (critiques welcome!) on the section posted.

~ ~ ~

My 8 sentences today come from the first draft of Seven Sisters, Chapter One: although they are not from the opening scene. 

A helicopter with a rotary blade at each end, known as a Chinook, passed them as they stood in a field of yellow grass; the only sign of life she had seen on their journey. 

Even at the age of four, she had recognised the half burnt billboards, broken neon signs and metal casings of cars as human inventions. Elana had informed her of this dream world, where people played at happy families and smiled as politicians burned away taxes. But these were only the early symptoms of humankind’s steep demise. She heard of the third world, where children were starved of food, water and healthcare; while men and women in suits in the West would receive a medal for killing others. 

Anya had been unable to fathom that such a world had really existed only a couple of years before her birth, but understood the desolation that humanity had left in its wake. 

Growing up, she had taken her dragon further afield, mindful to avoid crossing the boundaries that marked the hunting grounds. Now she was twenty, she recognised that the earth was recovering, and she wanted to see it all.


Want to know more? Check out the excerpts page to see other examples of my work.

You can visit other participants on the list by clicking the image below, and spread the word using twitter hashtag #8sunday.

20 responses to “Weekend Writing Warriors :: 8 lines

  1. Elana sounds like a very curious person – and her view of the history of where she is sounds rather bleak/negative. I wonder what is in store for her. Nicely done #8

    • Thanks for the comment, Shannyn. It’s bit further downhill than our current world, but every slope starts with a dip. I hope to be sharing more of her journey in these snippets.

  2. It’s very unusual to read a post-apolocalyptic story where a sense of hope comes through rather than absolute doom and despair. Anya’s curiosity and caution is a nice glimpse into her character and like everyone else, I’m intrigued by the use of dragons and helicopters.

    • Thanks for commenting, R Lee Smith. It is set a bit of time after the war, so the world is beginning to find ways of coping and recovering, although I’m afraid it doesn’t necessarily stay that way!

  3. Oh wow, very intriguing. You know when I was reading it, the first part, it sounded like some other world, and then I thought, oh my, that is our world now. But the way you wrote it made it sound so bazaar and fictitious. Scary. Nice job!

    • Thanks for commenting; Glad it felt like a slightly different world, because in a way it is… it’s our world in a possible future 🙂

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