GE DIGITAL CAMERAEvery writer is different. Some people plan a story, then outline, before drafting it and then editing. They work on the same piece for months or years and then they have a wonderfully finished piece to begin showing to the world.

Others plan and write and write, and never actually finish a full draft.

I fall somewhere in between. I write novel drafts, and then while I begin the next novel, I let the first one sit. Once the second novel’s first draft is done, I look back at editing the first story.

I currently have one story being outlined,  three incomplete drafts, two “first drafts” that are finished, and a ‘third draft’ I’m editing. Each time I sit down to do “writing work”, I flit between writing new stories or editing old. Sometimes I’ve just spent two hours looking up query formats or drafting synopses instead of actually writing. I’ve begun toying around with a new character this week, which may form part of a short story, or a novel. I’ve yet to discover her story, but this is my method. I flit between the characters and tales, just as I enjoy spending different times with different friends.

In terms of prioritising, I should be mostly editing the third draft of Planes Shifter, and focus on finishing the first draft of either Shadow Sight, or Planes Daughter. So I bare that in mind while I’m flitting between my projects. I want to keep my writing fresh and to give my mind breaks from the various stories, but I do create deadlines and make specific goals for myself. These goals are important in keeping my writing projects on track.

This week though, I’ve just let myself be side-tracked and cleaned my flat instead. Sometimes, writers need to stop writing and experience parts of life they miss out in books. Having spent a few days away from all my work, I’m ready to settle back into the stories with a bit of perspective.

3 responses to “Prioritising

  1. I know how you feel – I’m editing the initial draft of one novel while another one is in the ‘cooling’ off period and I’m soon going to start preparing for my third novel (to be written as part of NaNoWriMo 2013). I’m also trying to keep the creative writing muscles going by writing short stories for submissions and competitions.
    Sometimes it does all get a bit much, so you do need some downtime. It’s important to recognise these and allow yourself the time to go with it, rather than feel guilty about it. Good luck getting back to it. I usually find it makes me more escited about losing myself in the stories again.
    Take Care, Cat

    • Hi Cat,
      I found the downtime really helped and today I finished my third draft of one of the novels. That’s fab that you’re submitting short stories alongside the novel work. Good luck and take care,
      ~ K ~

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