ssrej 002On Wednesday night I passed the 100,000 word mark for Planes Shifter.

For a fantasy novel, that’s still a little short. However, it’s the longest I’ve ever managed to get one story to be, and I’m not quite half-way through the edits for this draft. Thus, I’m feeling pretty darn happy with myself.

I’ve also planned out the major deadlines for the rest of 2013 in terms of my novel submissions.

I’ve written novels before, and I’ve submitted poems and short fiction before.

I have never decided to submit to five major competitions. I’ve never passed 100,000 words on the same story. I’ve never made the step of asking for feedback in the face of rejection.

But I’m learning that to reach the end, you need to step forward. I’m taking the risks so that I have a chance of being rewarded. And as I walk, there are pretty sights and challenging setbacks. I know the view at the top of the hill will be breath-taking.

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