May: The Process So Far

beltain13phil 079It’s May 7th.

I began the process of regular submission in earnest on 17th March. Thus, in the last 50 days I’ve submitted:

To Competitions: 7 pieces of flash fiction, 1 short story and 2 novel excerpts
To Publications: 3 pieces of flash fiction and 1 poem

Some of these were quick pieces darted out in a few hours, and others were worked on across a week or two. I’m beginning to get over my fears of the general “submission” and really get a handle on how the processes work.

By the end of June, I’m hoping to at least have some specific feedback from the pieces which have been rejected, and to have upped my number of submissions to publications.  Similarly, I’m aware of novel-specific competition deadlines coming up, and thus am trying to prepare for that.

In terms of my novels, I’m taking draft three of Planes Shifter slowly, and I’ve reached 22181 word of Shadow Sight. However, there are two meetups with my local writing group this month, and my friend and fellow writer Sorcha O’Dowd is staying for a few days, which usually leads to high productivity around writing.

My goal for the end of the month is to have passed 30,000 words of Shadow Sight, and to be have completed half the list of edits on Planes Shifter.

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