The Day-Job: Having Two Careers

Outlines WritingLike many writers, I have a full time job.

It’s particularly common with those who are still in the process of writing and editing; those who haven’t taken that step forward of submissions to agents or publishers, or into the world of self-publishing. While I write and edit and read, I have to pay the bills.

For me, my day-job also gives me a sense of purpose, and stops me from stagnating in front of my computer screen. I’m one of those people who needs to have many different things going on at once, and having a job with varying roles, alongside coming home and editing one type of story while writing another…. it’s just perfect for me.

Many people come home from work and indulge in a hobby, or tune out and watch television. Some read books or throw themselves into baking.

I write.

But over the past few years, this hobby has become an interest, and then an obsession. It’s my love, and my joy. And now, I’m taking the steps to bring it into being a second career.

Hobby to Career

I’ve begun submitting to publishers and competitions, investigating publishing credits and I’ve finally sent off my second draft of Planes Shifter to a couple of beta readers. I’ve signed up to the World Fantasy Convention in October and I’m attending a local monthly writing group. Last weekend, I interviewed S. M. Boyce with fellow writer C. R. Trumbo and that half hour conversation was enough  to renew my motivation to make writing a second career. And maybe one day, it’ll be my first one.

Yesterday, I spoke to a colleague at work. She is currently reading Planes Shifter, and I asked what she’s unclear on so far, and then came home to transcribe the interview. Now I’m working on fleshing out the ending of Shadow Sight and this weekend I’ve two flash fiction pieces to complete.

For some, I can see how having to fit this all into the 24 hours a day may be a burden, but for me, I love being immersed in my latest obsession. And since I finished my first novel in 2009, this obsession is all about being immersed in the world of my imagination.

Here’s to making that vision a reality.

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